My gift to you

With the holiday season fast approaching, I think it’s high time I unveiled the new Training page I’ve created for this blog, so readers like you can quickly find answers to all your writing questions. The Training page lists the 25 posts I have written so far categorized by topic:

  • My Top 5 Writing Tips (hands down the best way to improve your writing)
  • Keep Them Reading (for those interested in extra credit)
  • Formatting Tricks (because it’s not just what you say, but how you say it)
  • Punctuation and Capitalization (because we use way too much of it, often improperly)
  • Specific Types of Writing (tips for specific materials like client alerts, newsletters, lawyer bios, deals lists, client emails, and more)

For those of you who recently subscribed to The Writing Habit, the Training page is a great place to find posts you may have missed in the early days of the blog. For longtime subscribers, think of the Training page as a library you can visit to refresh your knowledge or find inspiration. Bookmark the link for your own future reference and share it with others to quickly let them know what The Writing Habit is about.

As future posts appear on the blog, I will update the Training page so you can continue to view all of the topics in one place. In 2018, you can expect to gain even more writing wisdom, particularly about how to develop high-quality thought leadership content, an offering that is increasingly critical for professional services firms to execute well if they want to remain competitive.

So, stay tuned and … you’re welcome!